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February 2014: The 'Crew Favourites' Bag

February 2014: The 'Crew Favourites' Bag

Welcome to a world of beauty discovery!

With a Fab Bag subscription, you will step into a world of unending surprises. Every month we send you 3 deluxe cosmetics & beauty products from top global brands plus expert tips-n-tricks that will help you get the most out of every product. Try them and discover what works for you. Once you know what you like, get juicy discounts when you shop for your favorites at our online store!



left quotation marksThis was my first FabBag! I loved the bag it came in and the products were really nice - Vivel Cell Renew samples Cetaphil lotions and the Beauty UK Eyeshadow!. I didn't find the Curlinterrupted Shampoo & Conditioner too useful as I have straight hair. .

Meenakshi, Mumbai

Member Since Feb' 14

left quotation marksVery useful stuff. Loved it. Can't wait to see my March Fab Bag. Thank you Team!.

Deepika, Mumbai

Member Since Dec' 14

left quotation marksFebruary Fab Bag was a bag full of love sweetness diversity and interesting surprises! I received the utterly butterly and crunchy cookies from Cookie Man and also a lovely coupon for the same. <3 Valentine's Month could not have been more special. :) A deluxe sample kit from Vivel Cell Renew. Very thoughtful of the Fab-Bag team to include 3 products from the range. ^_^ How can I forget the Cetaphil for blemish and acne free skin. It was wonderful to try the Organic Surge shampoo which smelled like sweet fresh lime. Tommy G dual lipstick had a pleasant springy touch to it. I am extremely happy with my February 2014 Fab Bag. Look forward to a better one in March. So excited! :) .


Member Since Jan' 14

left quotation marksWas really waiting for my very first FAB BAG. Loved it a lot. Thanks!.

Jyoti, Mumbai

Member Since Sep' 14

left quotation marksFab Bag is always full of surprises. I love all the skin care products also love the taste of yummy cookies. I loved the colour of Tommy G lipstick most. It suits my skin tone so well that I'm in love with it. Thank you guys. Waiting for March Fab Bag surprises. :).

Dipshikha, Kolkata

Member Since Jul' 14

left quotation marksMy 1st bag and so many cool stuff! And it is perfect for my skin. The cookies were absolutely delicious. Loving it. :).

Sukarna , Navi Mumbai

Member Since Sep' 14

left quotation marksI just love what I got. Really worth the wait! :* I was waiting for my bag for the last three weeks and been thinking of the products I would get because it's my first bag. There are many many products I got. I am overwhelmed. First time in my life I spend on my cosmetic and I am so so happy that I have got world's best products. Love your service and I am glad to find a superb service in India. <3 :) :* :D It's a wonderful package for every girl and I think every girl should grab this amazing offer. Go and grab it GIRLS!.

Dipika, Mohali

Member Since Feb' 14

left quotation marksHey guys loved the February Fab Bag! The Tommy G Lip Colour was amazing! I also loved the Just Herbs Blemi Pack! What a lovely surprise to come home to after a long day at work! Thanks Fab Bag Team! :).

Srishti, New Delhi

Member Since Dec' 13

left quotation marksGreat BAG ! Simply loved all the products! Thank you!.

Asna, Chennai

Member Since Jul' 14

left quotation marksIt's not just a bag...its a WOW BAG sending you surprise goodies and products! I I received my first FAB BAG last month and it was like Christmas stuffed in a small bag! Brilliant concept and amazing work! What more does a girl want? Bag full of beauty products that too a surprise. It's like having a beauty angel watching over you and sending you goodies! Can't wait to receive my second bag! Good job guys!.

Ruchi, Pune

Member Since Feb' 14

left quotation marksFebruary Fab bag is fab! Cetaphil Cleanser and Lotion Organic Volume Boost Conditioner which I am just LOVING Vivel kit which was complimentary and the Tommy G lipstick shade (Neon Coral) which I feel will not suit most Indian shades. My subscription is ending in March and I am looking forward to renew it..

Anchal, Mumbai

Member Since Aug' 14

left quotation marksHi. I had received my Fab Bag when I was having a difficult time at work but then when I opened and started going through the contents I was so happy that nothing could beat it. On seeing each product it was like I was just smiling lost for words. And one by one I used the contents each content was having its own effect! Started with the cookies which was tasty the Cetaphil kit was the first I started with and it was amazing. Next day the eye shadows heavenly! Then the Brocato kit was also awesome and then to top it all the Vivel kit! Every single component was simply so good and wonderful that nothing could affect my mood the next couple of days. A lot of thanks to all the members who put the bag together. You guys gave a happy ending to my day. :).


Member Since Aug' 14

left quotation marksHi all I got my first Fab Bag and it was loaded with all the things which I needed for myself. Can't wait for the second one! :) Thanks Fab Bag!.

Shalini, New delhi

Member Since Feb' 14

left quotation marksThe February Fab Bag was the first I received and it was completely awesome! Especially theTommy G lipstick! Totally love it!.

Vibhavari, Mumbai

Member Since Feb' 14

left quotation marksThis was my first ever Fab Bag and it was pretty decent. The Cetaphil Cleanser and Moisturiser are really good. The Just Herbs products are nice too. The quality is good and they did not cause any reactions. The face pack had a toning effect on my skin and the gel felt very soothing. All in all a good bag! .

Supriya, Mumbai

Member Since Aug' 14

left quotation marksI received my first Fab Bag in February and instantly I fell in love with it. With all those cool things I am now super excited for my rest of the 5 remaining bags I ordered at one go! Then will go for more and more bags!.

Deepti, Gurgaon

Member Since Feb' 14

left quotation marksI was eagerly waiting for my first Fab Bag and when it arrived it did not disappoint! I loved the attention that you paid to my answers to your questionnaire! You sent all the pproducts that my highly erratic and moody skin needs except for the Tommy G lip gloss. Other products are god sent! I am seeing good results from using the amazing ayurvedic products. Eagerly awaiting my March Fab Bag!.

Saee, MHOW

Member Since Nov' 14

left quotation marksHi Guys the Feb Fab Bag was the second one I received. Loved all the products! The Tommy G lipstick was a bit too loud for me and not something I would generally use. However everything else was simply great especially the Curlinterrupted Shampoo and Conditioner which is perfectly suited for my hair. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work! :).

Nancy, Mumbai

Member Since Oct' 14

left quotation marksI absolutely loved the February bag! This was my first try for Fab Bag. Despite having very sensitive skin the products suited me well. Nyassa's Alphonse Mango Body Butter is so wonderfully aromatic and tickles the senses. The cookie added a pleasant personal touch! Looks like I am going to be a regular here!.

Shruti, New Delhi

Member Since Dec' 13

left quotation marksFab Bag this month was awesome. I love it. Great collection and great choice. I'm waiting for my March bag. Please come soon..

Sheetal, Delhi

Member Since Jan' 14

left quotation marksThis is the best Fab Bag so far. As soon as I opened the bag I was so surprised that I started jumping with joy. Never before had I received so many products in one bag. And all of them super awesome! The Vivel kit was amazing and the Just Herbs anti-blemish kit is beyond awesome! I loved the Tommy G lip colour I wear it to work most days. I am yet to try the Cetaphil lotion and cleanser but I am sure I would love that too. Most surprising was the cookie from Cookie Man. It was so totally delicious. All in all it was superb!.

Nishtha, Lucknow

Member Since Sep' 14

left quotation marksHi Guys. Feb Fab Bag is lovely. Especially my Tommy G lipstick and the amazing color selection Fuschia! Florelle green liner is also simply awesome. Will be soon ordering other variants also. Only one thing is that I don't use any skin care products as I have lot of acne so my doctor advised products I use! I am more interested in eyeshadows eyeliners lippies. Anyway the packaging is awesome. Thanks to all the crew members. Waiting for March Fab Bag desperately. :).

Krati, Gurgaon

Member Since Jul' 15

left quotation marksFeb bag was really a FAB BAG! Awesome collection. From the lip color (brilliant scarlet) the Cetaphil kit to the Just Herbs kit for blemish-free skin. Most thoughtful. I got what I can very well use. To add to the collection the Vivel sample kit was a beautiful addition not to forget the Valentine cookie. Oh my god. I forgot to mention the bag itself. What a stunner!.

Tanisha, Kolkata

Member Since Oct' 14

left quotation marksMy First Fab Bag. It is just tailor-made for me. I have got oily and acne prone skin. Cetaphil cleanser and lotion set was a blessing. Also for the stubborn acne marks what better could I have asked for than an anti-blemish kit from a totally herbal brand. The Tommy G lipstick in orange suited my fair skin by Indian standard so well. The bag was so elegant that it is now my makeup bag for office use. It carries the Cetaphil cleanser and Vivel hand cream with me to my office..

Ananya, Kolkata

Member Since Nov' 14

left quotation marksFirst FAB BAG! Simply awesome! Felt as if it was packed with lots of love and care only to pamper me. Thanks guys! I understand its lots of hard work put in and results are seen. Every one seems involved and committed to send it to me. Lots of love. God bless!.

Geet, Aurangabad

Member Since Dec' 14

left quotation marksAll in all I'm highly satisfied with this month's Fab Bag as it contains some much needed products. I came across two new brands. (TommyG & Just Herbs.) Looking forward to trying out the Cetaphil and simply loved the heart-shaped cookies and free Vivel products samples completely worth giving a try. My rating: 4.6/5.0 .

Rakhi, Ghaziabad

Member Since Jan' 15

left quotation marksMy third and last bag of FAB! Amazing stuff you guys! So amazing that I am subscribing for another year. Its like a present coming for you every month. The anxiety and the surprise factor is awesome. My mum and daughter fight for the bags as well. Thus going to order them one each so they remain happy and we get more stuff to play with! THANKS FAB BAG!.

Sonal, Pune

Member Since Sep' 13

left quotation marksHey I was so excited waiting for my Feb Fab Bag. Finally it arrived. I was so happy to get the surprises. Fab Bag is always full of surprises specially the cosmetics. I eagerly wait for the cosmetic I will receive and this time it was the Tommy G lipstick. The color was just fab! And now I am waiting for the next March Fab Bag which will be my last one but will surely continue to get more. Just waiting for new surprises. Just love my FABBAGS!.

Raudah, Mumbai

Member Since Jan' 14

left quotation marksThumbs up to Cetaphil Cleasin Lotion and the Tommy G lippie. Although I'm highly disappointed with Brocato. Infact I spoke to your rep as well when I got the bag. Brocato and Sally Hansen are real sad. Plus they are being added to the bag ever so often. This happens to be my 4th bag and I already have 2 Brocato Shampoo bottles with me which I am not able to use. I have requested Mamta and Sakina both to try and include more herbal products. Thanks! .

Harsha, Navi Mumbai

Member Since Feb' 14

left quotation marksHi! This is the first time I had ordered any kind of personal care products online. But the experience with FABBAG first kit has been fabulous. Well I loved all the products but my favorite has been the BROCATO TREATMENT. My hair really feels extremely hydrated and smooth. Thanks for introducing me to such fab products. Now I am just waiting for the March Fab Bag to arrive. Thanks!.

Nishita, Delhi

Member Since Feb' 14

left quotation marksHi I loved my CurlInterrupted Shampoo and Conditioner and the eye shadow kit! I even use the Cetaphil Cleansing Face Wash pretty religiously since I've got it. :).

Ashwini, Mumbai

Member Since Feb' 14

left quotation marksThis bag was superb especially the Tommy G lipstick. I'm loving it. Lovely colour!.


Member Since Apr' 15

left quotation marksFebruary Fab Bag was awesome! Great choice and collection. Loved it a lot and now I'm a fan of Fab Bag. Waiting for the March Fab Bag now..

Rachana, Vadodara

Member Since Nov' 13

left quotation marksFab Bag is always full of surprises. This one is no exception. Interesting stuff. Just loved the skin care products and the yummy cookies. ;) Just a little disappointed with the Tommy G Lipstick shade. And also I prefer stick instead of liquid lip color. Nevertheless awesome. :).

Anusha, Mumbai

Member Since Dec' 13

left quotation marksHi Guys I just received my first Fab Bag and by the looks of it I'm simply loving it! To start with - I got a cookie. ;-) Also I got a sample of 3 from Vivel. I also got a mask and face-wash kit from Just Herbs. There is an interesting dual lipstick from Tommy G and best of all I got the Cetaphil Cleansing and Moisturizing Kit which I wanted to try for quite sometime. I took a pic of all the stuff but just noticed there is no option to upload that. Thanks guys!. Looks like I will be trying on a lot of new stuff. :) .

Diksha, Bangalore

Member Since Nov' 14

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